The specialties of Yamani Suisan

The specialties of Yamani Suisan, an established fish wholesaler

Yamani Suisan was founded 80 years ago. We possess a “license” permitting entry into the Port of Mikuni in Fukui prefecture as a wholesaler, and are involved with the fishery industry of the Sea of Japan. The title of “wholesaler” here refers to “someone who is permitted to directly purchase Echizen Crabs at market auctions.” This is an important license in the fishery industry that allows only a handful of dealers to directly buy market products.
Yamani Suisan is also a store/ restaurant located in Tojinbo, which is one of the most famous scenic areas in Fukui prefecture. Our store sells freshly caught fish as well as souvenirs of the Hokuriku region.

  • The highest quality crab purchased at the auction.

  • Scene from the Seiko Crab auction only held in the winter season.

  • A bustling scene from the market auction.

  • The lively store at Yamani Suisan serves grilled squid and abalone, and oysters in the summer.

  • The main restaurant of Yamani Suisan is located on a hill with a view of Tojinbo. Enjoy our delicious menus with a spectacular view of Echizen Mikuni.

  • 店内では、お座敷・カウンターなどでごゆっくりご飲食いただけます。

  • The Yamani Suisan’s specialty, “Crab Brown Meat Egg” is also available

  • The atmosphere of our restaurant and stores are lively with energetic members of staff serving our customers.

  • The counter seats at the main restaurant offer a relaxing environment.

  • An extremely rare crab.

  • Shellfishes are superb during the summer.

  • Exquisite! Yamani’s original “Crab Brown Meat Combo” with meats of snow crab and Seiko Crab. We serve them grilled to order.

  • Products are deliciously grilled at the spot.

  • We also have various souvenirs.

  • Freshly boiled Echizen crab.

  • The deep-water shrimps from the Port of Mikuni are also excellent.

  • Enjoy our fresh shellfish.

  • Enjoy our fresh fish.

Our superbly fresh, Echizen Crab dishes are extremely popular.
Pick your crab from the water tank!
All crabs served at our restaurant are from the Port of Mikuni, with yellow brand tags. We will prepare and serve the crabs according to your preference and budget, as crab sashimi, grilled crab, or crab hot pot, etc.

  • Freshly boiled Seiko Crab.

  • The yellow tag is proof of a genuine Echizen Crab.

  • Echizen Crab boiled in a pot.

  • Echizen Crab with a tag, delivered from the Port of Mikuni.

  • The rice bowl with Echizen Mikuni Seiko Crab and crab roe is a superb dish, served only in winter.

  • The absolutely luxurious “Full Crab Course Meal” (reservation required).

Since it was founded in the Meiji era, Yamani Suisan is the only fish store in Tojinbo that has been passed down to each generation.

We believe it is due to our reputation that we have been chosen to present crabs to the Imperial Family that values tradition and prestige.

We present crabs to the Imperial Family once every four years, and when the time comes, the owner of Yamani discerns and inspects the quality before selecting and preparing the highest quality Echizen Crab.

The fresh, exquisite crab is delivered to the Imperial Household Agency by car on the day it is prepared, and served to the Imperial Family Members.