Recommended Sightseeing Courses

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum (Katsuyama City)

1 of the 3 major dinosaur museums in the world with impressive exhibits such as the full-size dinosaur skeleton display and real-size, motion diorama of dinosaurs. There are also high quality films shown, making it enjoyable for adults as well as children. Visitors can also experience fossil digging at the Dinosaur Forest Park near the museum.

Address:51-11 Terao, Murokocho, Katsuyama-shi

60 min. by car from Yamani Suisan

Eiheiji Temple (Eiheijicho)

Eiheiji Temple is the headquarters of the Soto sect of Buddhism, founded by the Buddhist monk Dogen around 760 years ago. The temple is open to the public. One of the most famous sights at the temple is the “hall of ceiling paintings” in the Sanshokaku, which also has 5 hidden paintings of animals such as squirrels and carps. Visitors are also able to experience “Zazen” (Zen meditation) and eat Buddhist vegan lunch meals (reservation required). The temple is highly recommended for those who wish to spend a calm, reflective moment during their travels. The photo shows the “great, Eiheiji river lantern event” held every year in August. Sutras are recited by around 120 monks of Eiheiji Temple by the bank of the Kuzuryu River, then, lanterns are released onto the river in memory of the attending people’s ancestors.

Address: 5-15 Shihi, Eiheijicho
Website:Eiheiji Town Tour Guide

50 min. by car from Yamani Suisan

Shibamasa World (Mikunicho, Sakai-shi)

A theme park with vast spaces of green turf, overlooking the Sea of Japan! Also famous for the giant water slide and flowing pool in the summer. Visitors can relax on the grass, play mallet golf, or enjoy the mini amusement park!

Address: 45-1 Hamaji, Mikunicho, Sakai-shi

15 min. by car from Yamani Suisan

Echizen Matsushima Aquarium (Mikunicho, Sakai-shi)

An entertaining aquarium where visitors can enjoyably learn by watching and touching. Some of the popular attractions are the dolphin show and penguin walks, while visitors can also touch seals, sharks, and giant octopuses. Feeding sea turtles and fishes is also possible, and a swimming pool with fishes opens during the summer.

Address: 74-2-3 Mikunichosaki, Sakai-shi, Fukui

10 min. by car from Yamani Suisan

Kanaz Forest of Creation (Awara City)

An art facility located in a forest. The main art section holds art exhibitions and displays creative artworks. The forest also has studios/ residential spaces for artists, allowing visitors to observe their working environment. Glass blowing, pottery, and batik workshops are held at the creative studio. The space with water flowing through is also pleasant course for a stroll.

Address:57-2-19 Miyadani, Awara-shi

40 min. by car from Yamani Suisan