For Our Customers in the Tourism Industry

Main Building – Appearance –

Main Building Relaxing table seats.

New Building – Tatami space with an ocean view.

For Our Customers in the Tourism Industry

Yamani Suisan welcomes inquiries from tourism organizations/ travel agencies. Please feel free to contact us regarding sightseeing in Fukui prefecture, rest stations in Tojinbo, or information with meals. Our store has a maximum capacity for 400 people. Many guests visiting for study tours and school trips also come to our store.


Yamani Suisan was founded 80 years ago. We are a “true, authentic fish store” possessing a “license” permitting entry into the Port of Mikuni in Fukui prefecture as a wholesaler. Enjoy our dishes using fresh fish delivered straight from the port each day.

Yamani Suisan Inc.
Tojinbo, Mikunicho, Sakai-shi, Fukui 913-0063
TEL.0776-81-3420 FAX.0776-82-6207

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Yamani Suisan is a store/ restaurant serving delicious seafood that is located in Tojinbo, one of the most famous scenic areas in Fukui prefecture.